I Love Lists Friday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! (and Suz Frazier and Hannah Brencher, other birthday twins of mine I know of).

In honor of my birthday, a small wishlist. (Can't a girl dream? Compliments of Pinterest.)

I'd wake up to bright sunshine and flowers at my bedside.

I'd have this for breakfast. Because, why not - it's my birthday.

And then I'd open some gifts after breakfast.

Everything would be put away, and so I'd have plenty of time to...

Hang out with my closest friends and family (who'd magically be in town).

And we'd eat this.

Then Andrew would say "Let's Go!"

And he'd have a place in the city all ready for us to spend the weekend in (New York, Chicago, Paris, who knows!)

We'd walk around after dinner and maybe go into a kitchen store (because it's my birthday).

And then we'd walk home after the perfect day.