The HITHER & HOLD movement is about MARKING TIME for the future to look back on and be reminded of the love, goodness and grace enclosed within a photograph. HITHER & HOLD is a testimony. It is an altar. It’s a doorway back to this moment, to hither to this place, and hold it dear.

Choose from one of three stories to tell, completely customized for you.

Slice of Life

Designed to perfectly capture what life feels like in this moment. Perfect for families who want unposed, documentary style photographs – these tiny testimonies will weave a story for years to come. The backdrop to this session is entirely dependent on you and your story…from your favorite ice cream shop, the park you can’t stop exploring, or even your own home.

Marriage Lifestyle

There is a story that stretches beyond the last bouquet toss and the novelty of your new last name. A marriage lifestyle session Preserving the sacred in-between moments of marriage is worthy of our attention. They are worthy to be captured in a way that creates more than just a pretty photograph on the wall, but to create a marker in the journey. Capture the essence of love and life right in this time and place.

City Story

For the city hearted couple, a session that reminds you why you fell in love – with each other and the city you live. Where you can connect like you’re on your first date, and where you can steal a few kisses (ok a lot of kisses) in your little corner of the town. It’s to show that a story isn’t confined by the city you live in but it sure can be defined by it.