Hi Magnolia creative team!

Thank you so much for your consideration. I hope by now you have received my package of goodies for you, and are enjoying the sweet chewy caramels while listening to the playlist I made specifically for you.

My goal with this box was to take the idea of introducing myself to your team and provide a delightful experience of sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch.

Each element was personally curated or produced by me for this project.

  • The photographs are from my personal collection and printed in my home studio on my favorite paper I’ve procured specifically for my clients.
  • I deliver proofs to my clients in glass boxes, much like this one I grabbed especially for you.
  • The caramels are my favorite recipe that I love to give as gifts to my friends and family (my Uncle Matt can’t wait for Christmas each year to stash away the bag for himself).
  • The tea is one of my favorites – the vanilla and black tea flavor don’t compete with each other and I love  sipping hot tea in the afternoon out of my favorite cup and saucer pictured in the brochure.
  • The cedar frond is from my own backyard! I hope it smells as good as the trees do – they always remind me of my childhood home where the backyard is lined with cedar trees and lilac bushes.
  • The brochure features photos styled and taken by me of all the items in the box.


Recent Work

One of my favorite projects I’ve worked on as of late is the branding & marketing of a benefit my church hosts each year called ‘Dessert Derby’. The event is a plated dinner in late spring featuring a silent and live auction of goods, services, and best of all – desserts. All the proceeds go towards supplementing the cost for the youth to attend formative events like camps, retreats, and conferences.

I wanted to ensure the marketing for the event focused more on the students and youth rather than the desserts and prizes. Our theme for 2017 was Ignite. I worked closely with the producer for the event to create a strategic marketing theme that was beautiful yet informative.

In the end, my work consisted of photographing the branding image, designing all marketing materials, photographing each child in our church for an installation to be featured at the benefit, and lastly filming and producing a video for the event. I believe this recent collection of work displays my ability to think outside the box in multiple mediums for a project and execute with a team to produce a cohesive campaign.

I have included samples of each of those below.

Thank you again for your consideration!

Alicia Sturdy

cell: (860) 977-0284
email: alicia@aliciasturdy.com