If I had it my way, we’d be sitting in my dining room at the table. Candles lit, my Nespresso machine whirring in the background as we dole out the drinks and munch on chocolate chip biscotti. My dining table is one of my favorite things – the chairs around it have backs that curl around you and invite you to relax in for long conversations. I’d ask you about where you grew up, how you got where you are…and where you think you are going.

I want to feel light…

People tell me this all the time, and I have to wonder…what does light even feel like?
Is it more time? A clean house? More of the right things…whatever that means? What if I told you the secret to feeling light comes when we look into our own stories?

Stories full of the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful – are the places we find light that opens up a doorway to what matters in our lives.

To Hither & Hold is a way we’ve not journeyed before. It’s where we reveal our light and tell it’s story in this season of our lives.

I’m Alicia Sturdy, the founder, author & photographer behind Hither & Hold. I live in Racine, Wisconsin (…yes, like the Racine Belles!) with my husband Andrew, and my little #sturdlette, Stella.