session FAq

i feel like my house is small, dark, and messy – do i have to choose an outdoor location?

I photograph you in your natural environment – and even if you feel like your house is tiny and dark, please know it’s fine! We of course can go in your backyard or out-front, but we will find a way to shoot indoors. I bring extra soft lighting with me incase of emergency, and I’m pretty good at simply repositioning myself as not to catch the ‘unsightly stack of magazines’ in the corner (WE ALL HAVE THEM). All that to say – don’t worry about this…I’m use to it!

if we want to be photographed not at home, how should we choose a location?

Start with thinking of a place that is important to you…it can be the park you never stop exploring because it’s so beautiful, the coffee shop from your first date, or even your home (see note above!). My goal is to layer a meaningful experience with a meaningful location – your granddaughter will find these photographs one day…where do you want to set the scene?

Should i get a professional hair & makeup artist for our session?

I always recommend that my clients work with a professional hair & makeup artist prior to their session. It makes all the difference in how you feel when you look back on your photographs. Your skin will glow, appear smoother, and the light will illuminate differently from your skin. It will give you an extra boost of confidence for being in front of the camera, and provide a well deserved feeling of luxury as a part of your custom photography experience. I can recommend a hair & makeup artist in your area for you if you don’t know anyone!

I’m afraid we’ll be super awkward!

Trust me – this is natural. We will overcome this by moving at a slow pace in the beginning, and more importantly by using my signature posing technique. I will prompt you with a series of interactions and conversations to get your most natural chemistry brewing. Most times you won’t even know I’m taking pictures.

What should I wear?
Should we match!?

Please don’t match your clothes! My advice is always wear something you feel beautiful in. Keep in mind that simplicity is always more.

General FAQ

Does Hither & Hold offer wedding photography?

Yes I do! I specialize in intimate ceremonies of 50 guests or less, or elopements. Click here to find out more information.

I heard you shoot film – what does that mean?


where will you travel to to shoot?

Anywhere. Honestly! I travel all the time; and have lived in the Midwest, New England, and I work part-time for a company in San Francisco so I feel like I’m a coast-to-coast girl. Travel costs are built into my sessions in the Milwaukee & Chicagoland areas – anything outside of that zone is at-cost travel & lodging expenses that I will quote you at the time of inquiry.

Places I have shot (and will gladly return to again!)
San Francisco, California
Hartford, Connecticut
Middletown, Connecticut
New Haven, Connecticut
Chicago, Illinois
Boston, Massachusetts
Concord, Massachusetts
Escanaba, Michigan (my hometown!)
Keene, New Hampshire
New York City, New York
Warren, Rhode Island
Watch Hill, Rhode Island
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Racine, Wisconsin (my current residence!)

Places on my wishlist!
Minneapolis, Minnesota (my husbands hometown)
Austin, Texas
Dallas, Texas
Los Angeles, California
Traverse City, Michigan
Washington D.C.
Charleston, South Carolina
Anywhere in the Pacific Northwest

London, England
Glasgow, Scotland
Anywhere in Sweden

Fill me in – what do you love about where you live? I want to hear all about it!