Racine, Wisconsin

The best part of this crazy, amazing, ever changing world of owning a business is the friends you have along side you for the journey.

One part in particular that I love is photographing those friends!

Jenny and I met at our beloved Covenant Point Bible Camp when we were both counselors together summer of 2004. We bonded over trips  into the small town the camp is located in, our love of Target, and a strange affinity for brown Sharpies (HOW that memory sticks out, I don’t know!).

Now she owns the whimsical & inspiring Three Letter Birds shop, and recently was the chosen designer of Jen Hatmakers new podcast logo! Last month we worked together to bring her brightly colored and playful goods to life with new product photography, as well as new branded headshots.

What I love about photography is how it infuses life and brings out a voice. I love how these photographs of Jenny speak volumes for the work she does, and the person she is. She is Three Letter Birds…bright, inspiring and whimsical at heart.

My favorite product of the moment she has? This amazing collection of quotes from her She Persisted collection…head on over to her shop, and treat yourself!


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