Summer Travel Dates 2017

I love summer. I love laying out in the hot sun on my porch. I love lingering light at 10pm. I love things that grow, things that sprout, things that I can eat that only grow in summer.

I grew up on the northern shores of Lake Michigan, and so summer has always meant time on the water. My friend Molly lived right on the lake, and me and our other friend Tracy spent most of our days swimming & making mischief while documenting it on a series of underwater cameras we’d then run into town to develop at the one-hour photo lab. When I moved to Chicago, I spent endless hours training the for the marathon, running up and down Lake Shore Drive along the water or downtown, criss crossing back and forth across the Chicago River bridges. Our New England years were spent at places like Hammonasset Beach (we prefer East Beach), Touisset Point, or shuttling from Brooklyn to Manhattan on the East River ferry. But now at our little shoreline town in southeast Wisconsin, we live 5 blocks from Lake Michigan. Time on the water is something I’m never short of.

This summer I hope to do more sessions while on the road, which is why I’m announcing my summer travel dates.

Click here to inquire!
Click here to inquire!


Even though I’m local to Chicago all year round, I plan to be in Chicago more during the month of July, and even squeeze in a trip to Traverse City to see my little sis.

August, we’re heading on our (now) annual summer road trip to Rhode Island and I CAN’T WAIT! Plus, all you New England friends…we’re planning a few extra days to be in Connecticut to make the rounds and we’d love to see you! I’m thinking, a drop in dinner at Mondo or Heirloom? What do you think?

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