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In every story there is a spark. A beginning. And that spark creates something more than just a flash of light, it created a flame of fire. The fan to this flame in the long run is cherishing the journey. Cherishing each moment that is shaping who we are, and who we are becoming. And these seemingly insignificant but sacred moments are worthy of our attention. Worthy to be captured in a way that creates more than just a pretty photograph on the wall, but a marker in the journey. A journey of who we were, who are, and who we are becoming.

Becoming. The word of this season. As buds sprout from trees and the rain pours down from the sky – it is all for one purpose…spring. Spring is a season of transformation – becoming at it’s finest. 

Photographs from a particular time and place in life are fruit that becomes more and more ripe the further we journey beyond it. The stories that spring out of these moments change each and every day – and I’m so excited to roll out a new journal series today. The word hither, as an adverb, means to or toward this place…but the adjective of hither is ‘nearer’. I want to draw nearer to our stories than just admiring some nice pictures. I want you to meet these people. Hear their voice and know their story.

So here for my first installation, are Mabrie & Jason Burgett. Dearest friends, delightfully Texan – I’ve known these two for almost 11 years now. We met in Chicago, through the church Mabrie & both worked at. Day in and day out, for five years we spent 40 hours a week together…so when we moved to Connecticut in 2011 it was like the end of a major era. Thank God for technology (telephone, Skype, texting, the like) because we haven’t skipped a beat since then.



Tell us your story…

We moved to Chicago after we were married; literally, hopped in a car after the reception and drove all night from Dallas to Chicago. Our love story grew in and out of these streets. So, having a lifestyle shoot in the very streets where we wrote our love story, near places we dreamed about our future together, in front of a lake where we’ve gone to reflect during times of disappointments, in the shadow of the buildings we’ve worked, had our children, met lifelong friends, inside a park we’ve played in, with the museums where we taught our kids in the background; It meant the world to us. See Chicago is so much a part of our story, our hearts, that having us captured here with her shining in the background was more special to us than any photo shoot we’ve ever done! Our dream was to have photographs of our little family playing in our favorite city. 

I find that my clients become friends of mine after the session, but with us – we were already dear friends! Tell me what you were expecting from our day together?

We didn’t really know what to expect before this experience. Will she pose us? Will it be awkward? Will our kids behave? As soon as we arrived at our first location things felt immediately natural and easy. She got pictures of us doing what we normally do to play with our kids; tickle fights, jumping on their beds, loads of kisses and hugs, playing at a park, reading books. She didn’t really tell our kids what to do or how to look just right, she just captured them being them. What more could we ask for? The whole experience has such natural and comfortable feel. 

What was your favorite part of the day?

Our favorite part of the shoot came when we snuck away from the kids for a second and took pictures with just the two of us. We haven’t taken photos just the two of us since our wedding. Again I was thinking, is this going to be awkward? Nope! She asked us a few question and then walked away and let us connect while from a distance taking pictures of a natural exchange between us that captured our hearts for each other in the most beautiful way. You can somehow see in these pictures two people whose love story hasn’t always been easy but that love has endured for nearly fifteen years. 

But in the end, looking through the pictures with you (Alicia) once they were ready was one of the best parts. We pointed out the beauty in each picture, relived the day and laughed! We came to one picture where you said, “I’m not sure about this one. Maybe its the face he’s making”. To which I chimed in, “Oh I get that but here’s the thing you don’t see that I do. That’s the face he makes when he’s laughing back tears. I’ve seen this face many times and it’s one of my favorites.” And that’s the reason I love these pictures and know we will treasure them for a lifetime. Somehow the worries of life went away for a minute and what really matters to us came through. The heart and soul of our love is featured here, the love we have for our boys is evident in each picture, the joy that oozes from our littles in this season is frozen for us to cherish forever!

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All lifestyle sessions are shot in the location of your choice that best tells your story, and are delivered in our signature glass box with the digital & film negatives included. I can’t wait to hear your story!

Author: Alicia Sturdy

Fan of cities, the beach, wild curls and Ina Garten. Photographer and owner of Hither & Hold.

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