A New Season: Becoming

I sat on the couch, cozily nestled between my sleeping fevered babe and my favorite pillow and blanket. With the snow falling outside, Andrew and I were resigned to our perches in the living room – battling the urge to binge watch a whole season of The West Wing…you know, just a typical Monday night.

We decided that this Monday would be different…with Stella sleeping her fever off soundly in my arms we did not need the likes of Sam Seaborn waking her and so the TV remained off. I picked up my newest copy of Magnolia Magazine and flipped to the front page, I started to read, with Joanna’s voice in my head narrating all along. All the other things I had…or rather, “should” do interrupted my thoughts. I need to blog, I need to edit, I need to do the dishes and the mountain of months old laundry residing on our basement floor. I need a plan, I said. I need a plan to do it all.


I sometimes want to become a person who does all the things – but what I need to become a person who does the important things.

Because when I plan to do it all, I fail. You know why? Because I don’t plan, I just jump in and try to do, do do as fast as I can and I always end up nowhere. Because honestly, a PLAN to do all the things would make me realize I can’t do ALL THE THINGS (Can I say that more times?)

I want to become a woman who does important things. Because of important things matter. Important things aren’t an emergency. Important things are the things that need to be done…that matter when they are finished…that move us towards becoming more of who we want to be.

So that snowy evening with the dusky pink sky…I resigned to the fact that if I fail to plan, I plan to fail. And I am not interested in becoming a woman who fails at the un-important things. (I’m totally fine and am in fact, an expert at failing to do unimportant things and that’s cool with me).

And within the pages of Magnolia Journal, my plan sprang up at me. In the words of our dear Joanna…a plan for the Hither & Hold blog fell into my lap.


What inspired me is her quarterly magazine.

And Each quarter she chooses a theme or a virtue that they want to dive deep into and look at from various angles. “Rather than present these as simple platitudes, we seek to make them tangible fruit: there for the taking, enjoying, and nourishing.” 

My plan for this blog is this.

to be a place for important things to be written, shared, celebrated and loved. Things not just important to me, but important for us to become who we were truly born to become.

So this quarter – April, May & June – we will focus on the word becoming. I can’t wait to share the next couple words with you, but I’m going to sit on them for the next month or so and truly be sure they’re themes & virtues that ring true to the Hither & Hold message, our community and my inspiration because of people like you.

Come with me on this journey – a journey of becoming. I can’t wait to see where we go.

Tell me in the comments below…what comes to mind when you hear the word BECOMING?


Author: Alicia Sturdy

Fan of cities, the beach, wild curls and Ina Garten. Photographer and owner of Hither & Hold.

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