California Dreams

California has always been this echo in my life story. I grew up hearing stories of my first big trip at nine months old to California and Disneyland. One of my best friends from high school went to college in SoCal and I was always scheming a way to go visit her. My roommate in college was from California. Ten years ago Andrew and I took our first big vacation together to visit friends in the Santa Cruz area and we went surfing, saw seals and did all the touristy San Francisco things. One of my besties lives in LA and after a timely and much needed visit one cold, snowy January I couldn’t stop dreaming about going back. Last year, a whirlwind trip to our now beloved beach house solidified my friendship with three lovely ladies I call my Biz Besties.  

And now the company I work for is nestled on a quiet street in the SoMa neighborhood in San Francisco. Last month I went out there for a week to work and naturally my biz besties couldn’t stay away. They all came from thier corners of the country and we had a day together that was so delightful and filling that when it was over I couldn’t help but think “I can’t wait until our next opportunity to be together again!”

Have you ever had a place be on your heart and never in a million years would you think it would be a part of your story? That’s what California is to me and I couldn’t be more grateful of the role it plays in my story. 💛 

Author: Alicia Sturdy

Fan of cities, the beach, wild curls and Ina Garten. Photographer and owner of Hither & Hold.

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