My true colors are shining through.

Last year my friends Shaina & Treacy introduced me to something called Dressing Your Truth. It’s an energy profiling system that helps you make your outside (clothes, hair, habits) reflect your inside! At first I was skeptical when I got the ‘Type 1’ energy profile because absolutely nothing about it reflected my outside look – although I was in agreement with everything it outlined for my personality and features.

The past couple years as I was building out my Hither & Hold brand I focused on darker colors…pinks with black & gray then blues and golds…and honestly the past year I felt like no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get the right fit for my design. You should know, I’m a graphic designer and so that is a little bit of a blessing and a curse. I could never just settle on a design it seemed. I would create something beautiful, but it didn’t feel me and I could not figure out why.

Around new years I was reading this color psychology chart  (if you haven’t figure out by now, I love psychology!) and in reading the descriptions of all the colors I learned why I never felt at home. The message I was sending through my color choices was NOT the one I intended. So I decided NOT to look at the color and only read the feeling descriptions of the colors. And that’s when I read this:

Peach – PMS 162C Positive: nurturing, soft, fuzzy, tactile, delicious, fruity, sweet tasting, sweet smelling, inviting, warm, physical comfort, intimate, modest, embracing.

Inviting. Warm. Intimate. Embracing. All adjectives used by my clients after their photo sessions.

I looked at the color. Peach. I had a reaction I didn’t know how I felt about. Peach felt weak. Peach felt ‘predictable’. Peach felt NOT ME. (or atleast the me I thought I should project)

And then I revisited my Dressing Your Truth colors. Peach fit perfect into the colors I was trying to wear more of, and always felt best when wearing (like pinks and oranges and yellows). I looked at my old inspiration boards, and that’s when I found this image.

It was an image that I had pinned on every photograph inspiration board I ever had. I even remember once I tried to pull a color swatch from the image and was surprised that it was actually peach, not pink.

Peach, it seemed, had been following me. Subconsciously, and hiding right in plain sight. I felt like once I stopped trying to make something work because of an ideal I had in my head, and just opened my eyes to what was already in front of me – the perfect fit was there. 

So please! Poke around my new website and leave me a comment about what you love! 


Author: Alicia Sturdy

Fan of cities, the beach, wild curls and Ina Garten. Photographer and owner of Hither & Hold.

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