The Business of Light Making

This week is ending in a way that none of us thought was really possible…I don’t think any of us truly believed it would happen the way the cards have fallen.
And I know you might be freaking out.
I know that earlier this week, it may have seemed like there was no end.
You might have been hung over emotionally (or literally)…you might have felt helpless, hopeless, anything but light-filled.

But today…I hope you can look in the mirror and see a new day. A brighter day. A day that may or may not be perfect, but gosh darn it we want to find the goodness. I don’t want to take my life for granted, and neither do you. That’s no way to live.

Step into the light, dear friend. Let it wash over you and bask it it’s rays. Eyes closed…let’s dream. Dream of a world where we invite joy in regardless of who the president is, what our job titles are, what size we are, or the number on the scale. That doesn’t mean we can ignore the darkness – it means maybe we can be a change. A spark that starts a fire to light up the room.

Open your palms and Breathe – “I will invite joy into my life regardless of its circumstances. I will let the light of the sun wash over me and remind me that He is still good even when the world is not. And I will let this light energize me. Power my batteries. To do the work that I need to do in these days that seem so helpless for my brothers, sisters, and sometimes myself.”

We know that each day, these words will not ring true with the same power they may today. They may fall flat. They may seem hopeless. But these are the building blocks of light making. Joy ushering. Peace rumbling.

I want to build a legacy that always invited joy into the middle of my circumstances even when life doesn’t seem good. To draw near to that light that is brighter on days when it’s not. And to set example for the world around me that we can do this better together.


Author: Alicia Sturdy

Fan of cities, the beach, wild curls and Ina Garten. Photographer and owner of Hither & Hold.

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