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We were sitting in traffic on the Cross County Parkway and I was drumming my fingers on the steering wheel while WNYC drown out the honking horns of the the thing I hate the most – waiting. I’m no stranger to rush hour traffic, as a person who has lived probably a quarter of her Chicago life sitting on Lake Shore Drive at about 5:15pm with the rest of the city. But once we got moving, and merged onto the Henry Hudson I started to mentally reengage from the traffic and let my creative juices soak my brain for an engagement session I had been waiting for weeks to shoot!
As we magically found parking for a measly $10 for the evening (seriously, – you can thank me later) Andrew and I dodged cars as we speed walked down 10th Avenue towards Chelsea Market where we were meeting Ronnie and Amy. As we turned the corner, my eyes looking for Amy – they went instead to a person wearing the most amazing sequin dress. EVER. And then I saw Amy’s red hair and her face and I knew instantly this session was worth the wait.

If you have never been to Highline Park – next time you’re in New York take a stroll through. It is the most beautiful combination of architecture, gardens, and views of the Hudson that make you stop to realize this is no ordinary park.

And I honestly think engagement sessions are no ordinary photo sessions. I see them as a chance for us to get to know each other even more than we have already over coffee or email – just with a camera between us. On a wedding day, I get no greater joy than just to sit back and let the bride & groom relax and soak in every minute. Without the thought of ‘there is a camera pointing at me’, or ‘everyone it watching’! So a session before the wedding is our chance to take a breath in and out, look straight into the camera, and let each click of the shutter document you – your story – your emotion – your love.

Take a scroll through some of my favorites here on the blog – or hop over to the PASS Gallery to see the entire collection from our shoot.
Amy and Ronnie – Andrew and I have found two new friends to laugh with over cheeseburgers, bread pudding, (and a milkshake) and I am so looking forward to your beautiful October day!

Happy Friday everyone!

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