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Another week come and gone, and PHEW it was a hot one here in Hartford. And our new place doesn’t have central air (ya….our last place did…we were spoiled). So it’s back to fans, fans, fans, and sleeping with the window WIDE open which is one of the reasons I love being on the 2nd floor.

Folkies. (Yes, folkies – a super awesome word coined by Mr. Jackson Crum, one of my former pastors).

Thank you for tuning in to Showit LIVE on Wednesday! I couldn’t stop smiling as I saw familiar names in the chat, and it meant the world to me. And can I just say (because I feel like when I talk to my blog, aka – you, you’re leaning in over a cup of coffee) – I wasn’t nervous. Maybe for like five seconds (and when I watch the rebroadcast I can tell when my voice is a little nervous-y). I truly felt like I was saying things I was suppose to say. And that makes me want to praise GOD when I think about Wednesdays show because trust me, I could have said really stupid stuff (I do ALL THE TIME). I rewatched it – no slip-ups of what I wanted to say, no “well I said this, but meant to say this”. It all makes sense. Truly, it’s the Lord. I swear. That little prayer before, God – help me be your mouthpiece – full of clear thoughts, and what I am suppose to say is what will come out.

Phew. Good. Yay. So glad I’ve got that under my belt.

On to the real reason why you’re there – I LOVE LISTS FRIDAY.

Today, I was driving to the post office at lunch and a song came on the radio, that is also in one of my favorite movies. And I felt like I wanted to be one of those people out the top of a limo or a convertible, wind in my hair, absorbing life to the rhythm of this song.

And I have moments like that too much to not talk about them.

So here is my list, songs that I want to live my life to, from movies. Hit it.

1. Dreams – by the Cranberries // You’ve got Mail

You know you’ve walked down the street, pumping that song from your iPod and thought – I am Kathleen Kelly, I am walking down the street, I am buying a pumpkin, drinking Starbucks with my Zabar’s tote, and I am awesome. Don’t worry, I have too.

2. Home – by Michael Buble // The Wedding Date

Michael Buble is all over this soundtrack, but it’s this song that makes me think – sure why not, I want to be flying to London for my sister Amy Adam’s wedding with a devilishly handsome stranger as my date, and we fall in love while dancing to Michael Buble with my beautiful, flowy Tiffany blue dress on.

3. A Little Party – by Fergie AND Bang Bang – by Wil.I.Am // The Great Gatsby

Official song duo of dancing around the house while cleaning and pretending I’m a flapper while Jay Gatsby is all cool in his cool shirts in the corner.

4. Got to be Real – by Cheryl Lynn // SATC Season 4 Episode 2, The Real Me

Yes, I just got real specific. And yea yea, this isn’t a movie. BUT I LOVE THIS SONG. I love working out while listening to it, and I think of Carri face planting on the catwalk in her jeweled undies and then later dancing in her own apartment in her old granny panties.

5. Bad Girls – by Donna Summer // Picture Perfect

This is one of the first movies that I ever saw with a friend, I believe circa 1997. And I absolutely loved that scene where they are sunning themselves on the roof of a Manhattan highrise being silly planning Jennifer Anistons fake relationship to make none other than Kevin Bacon jealous (please tell me you’ve seen this movie). I love this song – I will blast it from my car, my office, my headphones while running. Toot toot, beep beep.

6. Sweet Disposition – by Temper Trap // (500) Days of Summer

This is the song that I want to listen to with the windows down, cruising the country side with my man. We love this song. 🙂

Oh my gosh I could go on. But I’ll save that for another I LOVE LISTS Friday.

What’s YOUR favorite song that makes you dance in your seat (or through the house?) Leave a comment below and I’ll pick one lucky person to win a $10 Spotify or iTunes giftcard!

Happy weekend! Monday I’m blogging Chad & Laura’s gorgeous, misty, and beautiful Cape Cod engagement shoot…make sure to circle back up for that!


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