I Love Lists Friday

I love lists. Seriously – any time those “25 questions about you” went viral on Facebook (or Xanga – let’s be honest here) I always took 5 minutes to do them.So why not – a good portion of my college blogging days were list and picture based, so here we go.

1. Last Thursday I went to Great Gatsby with my sweet friend Mabrie who was in town visiting for the day – and then I went back with Andrew on Saturday to see it AGAIN. And I am trying to figure out a way to go see it….again. Any takers?

2. We got these super cool new lights in our dining room (we’re calling it our “dinner lighting” and I am so excited to have folks over once our new place is in order to try them out!

3. My bike finally made it over to the new place! Just needs a little TLC and a walk to the air pump so I can cruise all over town.

4. Officially obsessed with my Nespresso machine. Want to be in ignorant bliss about how many espresso I have every day. La la la laaaa la laaa (<–ignorant bliss)

5. Andrew and I moved our mattress to the new place on Wednesday and seriously I had to repress my urge to yell PIVOT….PIVOT….PIVOT.

6. Driving to and from Hartford afterwork lugging our stuff from Middletown the other day, the most beautiful sunset on the city. Ahhh.

7. First night in the new place. Having to bring back my ability to sleep with trucks, fire engines, and randoms roaming about in the middle of the night. When I lived on Addison St in Chicago my mom could never sleep when she visited because she said I lived on a truck route….I never noticed how loud it was until she said it. Now i need to regain those skills so I can sleep like a baby.

8. I was pulling up to our building yesterday and realized I haven’t posted a picture of the outside. Here she is. My sister said it looks like a Boarding House. A mexican one. I think it’s cute. Our bedroom is right above the door on the left.

Happy Friday!

Author: Alicia Sturdy

Fan of cities, the beach, wild curls and Ina Garten. Photographer and owner of Hither & Hold.

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