And then there was Sandy.

50 degrees.
That was the temp in our house as we walked in door on Sunday night.
I ran from room to room turning on each thermostat so the house would recede from the status of “ice box” to cozy yellow house on the corner.

It was that very same day last year that a freak snowstorm knocked the power out in my neighborhood for 5 days – leaving us shivering under the covers each night with what felt like every article of clothing we owned on and tried to cozy up together under a 3 layer blanket shield.

As my bathroom started to warm up and I ran the water hot to get ready for bed I started to think about the stark difference of our two hour drive back from NYC to our thawing home. Dark roads, unlit looming skyscrapers, damp mildewy smelling lobbies, completely empty grocery stores, long lines at gas stations and and threats of freezing temps and a large storm coming in a few days. As I thought of how to prepare my own home, I suddenly felt very fortunate – I have a warm house, warm clothes, food in my fridge and on my grocery store shelves. I am prepared.

This past weekend I was in New York City for what was suppose to be the day I’d run the New York Marathon – instead I spent Saturday afternoon with people moved by a grass roots group called Upper West Side Loves. Picking up supplies from Duane Reade, making PB&J’s, and grating a large knob of ginger that resulted in a car full of food that was driven down to the Lower East Side neighborhood, in particular to The Bowery House mission.

I don’t think we quite realize the difference between us & NYC this past week. And now under a layer of snow – 100 miles south of us has transformed into a world we can’t imagine ourselves in.

But I have hope this week – not about the Presidential election, or about who has won and who has lost – but I have hope that the Body – people – can change lives. That we can come together and help each other in the most basic way – giving. Whatever that looks like for you – I hope that you have hope and give hope this week.

Author: Melissa Love

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