Keep Walking.

So last week was going along just fine and normal – we celebrated our anniversary, had a friend in from out of town, and I had my weekend run (3 more left!) ahead of me for the marathon. I even had a fancy new blog post idea waiting to be typed out for the weekend.
Then came the rain.

Like a hail storm, piece by piece, it began to rain from the sky. One thing after another was coming down on us bit by bit, and it got cloudy and dark at the Sturdy house. Then, like those summer storms, it just stopped. The sun came out. And now we wait.

The only thing I feel is coming to me and I’ll tell you as well – keep walking.

I keep getting this image of calm and peace, and walking. Heel to toe, heel to toe.

To not disrupt anything, to not stomp through all the areas of our life that are spinning.

But just to keep walking. Through the phone calls. Through the tears. Through the ups and down, and new news and old news. Keep walking.

Author: Melissa Love

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