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Then there was silence.
Silence to sit. Reflect. Hear God. Absorb the moment.

To ask God, what do you want me to do.
And He said, “Just be.”

Sit still. Listen. Rest. Reset. Realign. Stretch. Breathe.

What if we just rested, absorbed the moment we are in and drink deep. It might be painful, it might be full of joy, it might be rejuvenating like the first drink of water after a long, exhausting run.

And in the silence, peace. Whatever shape that comes in. Even if it doesn’t look, feel, or sound like peace you’re familiar with – rest.

The more I seek you, the more I find you
The more I find you, the more I love you.

What if peace is seeking you? What if you’re running? What if when you stopped, just to be – you stopped long enough for peace to find you. Engulf you. Overcome you.

We want to always be going, be doing,
To the next thing, place, destination, job, thought, person. Stop seeking, and just Be. Just be who you are, what your are. You.

Rest. Be.
Stop. Listen.


Author: Melissa Love

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