this is me.

I know I have been personal but not “up close” on this new blog. I have referenced people, situations and places loosely, but never named things specifically out loud.
So maybe I need to write a little about myself, why I am blogging, and my hope for all this in the end.

But let’s take this slow.
Today, I’ll tell you about me.

I am Alicia.
Married to Andrew.
Daughter of Michael & Kathy, Daughter in Love of Rob & Kim.
Sister to Melissa+Kaylee & Kaitlyn+Christopher.
Physically born in 1985 and raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (not to be confused with the Mitten portion of Michigan).

Spiritually born again in December 2001.
My citygirl soul was born in 2003 & raised in the great city of Chicago, Illinois.

I am a city girl at heart.

An external processor, ESFP and 7 on the enneagram.
Have a Bachelors Degree in Art from North Park University.
Art was not what I thought I would do.
I play music, and thought I’d be a music teacher.

But, deep down – I am just an artist of many mediums.

I have been impacted and changed by the people in my life.

My family. My friends from my hometown. My girlfriends from college, my family of friends I left behind in Chicago.

I fell in love with Andrew after a long obedience.
We met in a worship band at college, and led a missions trip together to the Dominican Republic.
He didn’t “like me back” at first.

We started dating when he kissed me on the floor of my furniture-less apartment on the corner of Kedzie & Carmen (he decided he “liked me back” then).

We fell in love in the city.

Taking rides on the EL late at night.
Stopping for Starbucks in Lincoln Square.

Our not so real first date was at Tre Kroner one Wednesday morning for breakfast – it felt like half the school was there, staring at us.
Our real first date we went to see the movie “Rent” – we were the only non same-sex couple in the theater.

Three years later, he asked me to marry him on a rooftop in downtown Chicago.

I worked at a church for 5 years in Chicago – one year doing Communications and four years in Urban & Global Outreach.
He went straight from undergraduate studies to Seminary.
We married in 2008 in the north shore of Chicago.

We moved from Chicago in June 2011 for him to take a job in Connecticut.
He’s a youth pastor. I work for the regional office of our churches denomination.
I am thankful God has placed me here.
Boston to the East. The mountains to the North.
The ocean to the South. New York City to the West.

I am loud.
Have a strange draw to Marathon running.
Live in a 175 year old house on a busy corner. It’s bright yellow.
Love to entertain.
Love to capture the moment.
Always wanting to change the furniture around.

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