just be.

I frequently find myself thinking this exact phrase over and over.
“I want to be so many things”.

In my lifetime, I have probably dreamed that I could be at least 100 professions. Oh ya, here are just a few. Starting from the beginning but in no real order.

Book Store Owner.
Basketball Player.
4th grade teacher.
Music Teacher.
Art Teacher.
Band Director.
Choral Director.
Graphic Designer.
Corporate Graphic Designer.
Freelance Graphic Designer.
Graphic Designer at a Missions Agency.
Youth Pastor.
Worship Director.
Professional Counselor.
Art Historian.
Art Gallery Curator.
Hair Stylist.
Professional Blogger.
Etsy Shop Owner (yes full time, yes I have thought this).
Customer Service. (Ya, not sure where that one came from.)
Outreach Coordinator.
Church Communications Director.
Paperstore Owner.
Stationary designer.
Professional Pinterester. *Don’t we all?
Chef. A real one.
Bakery Owner.
Ice Cream shop owner. (with my sister, Kaylee)
Really good home cook.
Food Blogger.

Ya some are very specific (Etsy Shop Owner? Seriously?) and some are pretty broad (Graphic Designer…technically I could be an “Etsy Shop Owner” and an “Artist” and a “Paperstore Owner” and still be just called a Graphic Designer). Sometimes my head just begins to race with thoughts, I want to be so many things! I want to do so many things! And of course, I want to be good at them. I just don’t want to “do” these things, I want to do them well. And I want everyone to know, that I “do” “this” well.

Shauna Neiquest posted this the other day and I felt one stanza sting deep.

Keep interested in your own career, however humble;
it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.

Ouch. She’s so right. Right now, my job is Office Manager to East Coast Conference (of the Evangelical Covenant Church, too long to say, but it has to be said for some people who don’t know what “East Coast Conference” is). Ya, not a very glamourous job description. Not as good sounding as “Director of X” or “CEO of Y”…but the line “however humble” brings me back down to it doesn’t matter what I call what I do.

I’m in the business of God’s Business – Knowing & Loving People. No, I’m not a pastor giving much needed wisdom or some profound blogger (well, this is a blog; and this thought might be profound?) but I feel called to peopleHowever Humble a profession I find myself in. I’m in the business of People. And how God does his business with people? Love.

Author: Melissa Love

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